Update of power score algorithm

2015 March 22 | The algorithm which is used to weigh the power points in the process to calculate the final power score is replaced today with a new version, which produces a better balance between low and high power scores. As a result, the new algorithm will increase lower power scores and decrease higher ones slightly. It will only be applied on new measurements while older measures will be unaffected until updated. Read more about the changes
Another novelty is a mechanism which will assure that the weight balance remains on the same level, which today is around 66% of maximum. For every weight which is increased another weight has to be decreased with the same amount.

New charts and more stats

2015 Feb. 19 | The Power Tool now uses the chart tool CanvasJS for the stats- and analyse pages. New charts have been added to the stats page.

Version 0.9.0 released

2014 Aug. 01 | This is a maintenance release that fixes several bugs.

The Power Tool at Moderna Museet

2010 Feb. 24 | The Power Tool will be exhibited in the Studio at Moderna Museet in Stockholm 25 February - 21 March, 2010 in the solo exhibition "19 years + One Tool for Measuring Power". Read more about the exhibition at

Version 0.8.0 released

2010 Feb. 10 | A new version of the Power Tool is released in connection with the opening of the exhibition "19 years + a tool to measure power".

New version - 0.7.0 - released!

2009 May 20 | The first English language version of The power tool is released.

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